UNTAPPD is a social networking platform that allows users to check-in at locations where they enjoy drink beer. Users share their check-ins and locations with other registered UNTAPPD users or with friends from their social accounts.

CHICK’S partnered with UNTAPPD to provide you with information about the vast beer selection CHICK'S has in stock. The information you see in this app (CHICK'S app) is a feed from the UNTAPPD platform and collected from individual users who share their tastes and experiences. CHICK'S does not influence user information.

To experience the relationship CHICK'S built with UNTAPPD, simply touch/click the BEER link below.


PRIVACY: Although you may see UNTAPPD information (user stars, comments, etc.), the CHICK’S app does not share any information with the UNTAPPD platform, so the registration details you enter in the CHICK’S app is kept private. For more information, use this link to see our Policy on privacy.