Using Rewards


CHICK'S Rewards are only available to registered users, and only redeemable from within the restaurant.

There are several options available for earning reward points and unlocking special offers.

Follow the steps and images below to begin earning reward points!

STEP 1: Register

First, we need some information before you can receive and track reward points.

  • From the home screen, go to the 3-BAR menu (upper left corner)
  • Select the Profile avatar
  • Enter your Name, Email, and a Password, or
  • You may link a social media account for future logins

Once registered, your first reward is unlocked!

STEP 2: Earn

After registering, you unlock rewards by:

  • Checking-in at a location
  • Collect points on the punch-card
  • Sharing on social media

Some rewards use auto check-in to verify your location, other rewards require a QR Code scan.

The scanner is built-in the app for your convenience.

STEP 3: Redeem

To redeem a reward (gift):

  • Select the REDEEM button at the bottom of an unlocked reward
  • Show the redeemed reward to your server

STEP 4: Track

To track your points, locked or unlocked rewards, or history of redeemed rewards:

  • Go to the profile, punch card, or rewards screen
  • Select REWARDS at the bottom of your profile, or
  • The menu button (lower right corner)
  • Navigate the menu by selecting History, Gifts, or My Card

Please contact support for further details or to report a problem.