Club Cards


Your loyalty is rewarded!

Building up and using the reward system advances your position as a premier CHICK'S customer. So, even while you earn points for rewards, you are rewarded again by becoming a CHICK'S Club Card Member.

We have two levels of membership, the PREMIO, and VIP.

These offers may not be combined or credited with other CHICK'S special offers or rewards.

How to retrieve your card:

  • Select the "CLUB CARD" tab displayed at the top of your Punch Card screen
  • You need 100 points to qualify as a Premio Cardmember
  • If you have not yet qualified, your screen will display the number of points remaining

After you unlock the Premio Card, simply show your server your card upon ordering or check-out.

The VIP Card is identical to the Premio Card except you need to accumulate 300 points.

Please contact support for further details or to report a problem.